Equine Reproductive Services

From your maiden mare to your more seasoned broodmare; from live cover to use of the latest comprehensive science and technology; for all degrees of stallion and mare fertility – minis to draft horses and everything inbetween, Hunter Stallion Station offers full breeding services to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

The management of your stallion is tailored to his specific needs. This ranges from non-resident in and out collections, to full-time residence and management. Grooming, supplements and turn-outs will be provided to your specifications.

With state-of-the-art breeding techniques, the professionals at Hunter Stallion Station will get your mare in foal as quickly and efficiently as possible. Whether you breed to a stallion on site or one across the globe, our experienced staff will work diligently to help your mare produce a healthy foal.

Stallion Services


  • 16×16 Stall – daily & monthly rates available
  • 12×12 Stall – daily & monthly rates available
  • Daily turnout & grooming included
  • Quarantine for import, export, & infectious diseases

Collection Services:

  • Cleanout collection
  • Collection for shipping – includes semen preparation & packaging
  • Training to phantom mare
  • Stallion Fertility Evaluation – Includes: physical exam, measure testicles, 2 collections, motility, morphology, sperm count, bacterial cultures, & EVA test
  • Cooled semen test shipping
  • Shipping via FedEx, UPS, & Airport for US & International destinations
  • Regular & disposable equitainers available

Frozen Semen:

  • State of the art freezing technology & equipment
  • Frozen semen test freeze
  • Processing and freezing of semen
  • Packaging and shipping of frozen semen
  • Frozen semen storage
  • Quarantine for frozen semen import & export
  • International export of cooled and frozen semen
  • Liquid nitrogen dry shipper available

Mare Services


  • 16×16 stall – daily & monthly rates available
  • 12×12 stall – daily & monthly rates available
  • 12×16 Indoor pipe pen
  • 16×24 foaling stall
  • Daily turnout included for stalls & pipe pens
  • Outside paddock with shelter
  • Irrigated pasture/turnouts
  • Quarantine for import, export and infectious diseases.

Breeding Procedures:

  • Progressive methods to resolve reproductive problems
  • Breeding soundness exam – Includes: rectal, ultrasound, uterine culture, speculum exam, cytology, uterine biopsy, & post biopsy infusion
  • Rectals
  • Ultrasound follicle checks
  • Uterine cultures
  • Uterine Biopsies
  • Artificial Insemination with fresh cooled & frozen semen
  • Ultrasound pregnancy checks
  • Twin reduction/control
  • Uterine flushes & treatments
  • Hormone level tests
  • Hormone treatments – Ex: regumate, deslorelin, prostin
  • Embryo transfer service

Foaling Services:

  • Experienced staff on premises 24 hours a day
  • Veterinarian assisted births for problem mares
  • Veterinarian resides adjacent to facility
  • Emergency care
  • Mare & new foal exam – Includes: mare exam, foal exam, IgG (foal antibody test), tetanus antitoxin
    *plasma transfusions and e.coli endotox antibody (available upon request)

Foal Services

Hunter Stallion Station Equine Veterinary Clinic offers full services for foals, from birth through weaning.

New Foal & Mare Exams

  • Includes: mare exam, foal exam, IgG (foal antibody test), tetanus antitoxin
  • *plasma transfusions and e.coli endotox antibody (available upon request)

Foal Vaccine & Deworming Schedule

Age: Birth to 48 hours

  • E. Coli endotoxin, Tetanus Antitoxin, Check IgG Level
  • No Deworming

Age: 2 months

  • No Vaccination Recommended
  • Use Strongid for Deworming

Age: 3 months  (Note: If mare has not had pre-foaling vaccines, then start vaccinating the foal at 3 months of age instead of 6 months, or if your foal was born in April-June start at 3 months)

  • No Vaccination Recommended
  • Use Ivermectin for Deworming

Age: 6 months

  • Eastern & Western Encephalomyelitis, Tetanus, Rhino(EHV), Strangles, Rabies, Influenza, West Nile
  • Fecal and Quest

Age: 7 months

  • Eastern & Western Encephalomyelitis, Tetanus, Rhino(EHV), Strangles, Rabies, Influenza, West Nile
  • No Deworming

Age: 10-12 months

  • Follow adult vaccination protocol: Eastern & Western Encephalomyelitis, Eastern & Western Encephalomyelitis, Tetanus, Rhino(EHV),
  • Influenza, West Nile
  • Follow adult deworming and fecal protocol
  • Quest

Low Stress Weaning

At Hunter Stallion Station we believe the weaning process does not have to be stressful for the mare or foal. Transitioning into the separation over a minimum 5 day time period is best for both, and proper nutrition to stabilize the gut should also be considered.

Hunter Stallion Station will board your mare and foal and provide 24/7 surveillance. Your foal will be halter broken and receive preliminary ground training. Other services can include vaccines, worming as needed, and fecal egg counts for the mare.