Equine Dentistry

Dental maintenance is important for your horse’s health and comfort.

It is extremely important to provide proper dental care for your horse. Unfortunately, a great number of horse owners fail to detect the early warning indications that their horse may have a problem with their teeth, and by the time they do, the issue has already progressed to a more serious stage.

Because of this, our expert equine physicians strongly advise that your horse’s teeth be examined twice a year, in the spring and the fall, while the horse is receiving immunizations.

Hunter Stallion Station provides maintenance dentistry including examinations and teeth floating, as well as extractions and wolf teeth removal.

Watch for Early Warning Signs

Even with frequent examinations, a horse’s teeth might suddenly become problematic.

Here are several indications that your horse needs to see a licensed and highly skilled dentist:

  • Problems chewing
  • The loss of food from the mouth during chewing
  • Undigested food in feces
  • Alterations in behavior, such as head-tossing or resistance to the bit
  • Bad breath Facial enlargement
  • Abrupt alterations in physical state

If you see any of these changes, please contact us immediately to schedule an appointment.