Sports Medicine

Equine Sports Medicine

Hunter Stallion Station is happy to announce that we are expanding to include a sports medicine division.

Our goal is to keep your equine athletes happy and healthy in and out of the show ring all year long.

Performance Evaluations:

Our Performance Evaluations are wellness exams for equine athletes. They include a comprehensive physical exam (looking at teeth, eyes; listening to the heart, lungs and abdomen; limb palpations), a brief neurologic examination, and a brief lameness evaluation (Watching the horse move on the straight and the circle). Hoof testers and flexions are available if needed. Further diagnostics include digital x-rays, ultrasound, nerve blocks, upper airway endoscopy, and gastroscopy.

Pre-purchase Examinations:

Pre-purchase examinations include a comprehensive physical exam that involves checking teeth, looking at their eyes, listening to the heart, lungs, and abdomen, palpating the limbs, and use of hoof testers. We then watch the horse move in a circle and on the straight line both in soft and hard ground, and then perform flexions of all four legs. Further evaluations include digital x-rays, ultrasound, upper airway endoscopy, gastroscopy, and drug testing.

Lameness Evaluations:

Lameness evaluations include a physical exam, hoof testers, observing movement on both the straight and the circle, flexions of the indicated leg, and if needed, progress to include nerve blocks in order to localize the lameness. Further diagnostics include digital x-rays, and ultrasound.


Treatment Options:

Depending on what we find on the lameness evaluation, we are equipped for a variety of treatment options that we can tailor to your horse’s needs. We perform joint and tendon injections. We offer regenerative therapies such as PRP, Stem Cells or iRAP, and can inject these directly into a lesion. We also offer personalized rehabilitation plans.


Hunter Stallion Station works closely with the Gonzales Family Farriers to provide personalized shoeing options for your horses.

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